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Important tips to maintain a Koi pond

maintain a Koi pond

Koi ponds are the ponds which store the Koi fish. These fish are big fishes that look similar to gold fishes. They are so pleasing to look and are really a good decorative piece in your ponds. They add to the natural beauty and are a real treat. These Koi fish live for centuries are the longest living fish species on the earth. The following factors are important for the Koi ponds.

See that the pond is of the correct depth. This is essential because the deeper the pond is the safer the fish will be from cats and other fish loving animals. Next important factor is the size of the pond. This is because the fish really grow. So have an optimum size from the start and see the area that you are building the pond beforehand. The optimum size will be around ten thousand gallons.

Koi Fish

Next important factor is the temperature. The Koi fish are not like the tropical fish and can stay in cold water temperatures. But make sure that you maintain a warm temperature in the winter. So for this purpose buy a pond heater and use it. This is to keep off the ice formation. The Koi are really a treat in the garden and you need to take care of them in the right way.

Shade is important factor. See that the pond is built in an area with adequate shade. This is because to keep the pond healthy. The sun will evaporate the water and the Koi also are a kind of irritant to the sun. So make sure that proper shade is provided at the same time enough fresh air is available. This is also essential because the fish require fresh air to grow.

Have a bird net installed. This is because the Koi are a favorite to various birds and they can be easily caught without a bird net. Just install a bird net so that the Koi pond is free from preying birds. This is to keep the fish safe and sound as they are very easily caught by the birds.

Please make sure that the area is free from any kind of insecticides and herbicides. Since these are poison and any smallest amount of such poison can kill the Koi. This is one factor that the Koi fish are really sensitive to.

Last but not the least, buy the proper equipment for the pond. This is important because the water may get stagnated and the fish can’t survive. UV sterilizers, filters, pond pumps and many more equipment are available. These depend on the buying capacity of the person and may differ. The filter is expensive and as an alternative use homemade filters.