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Do You Really Know All About Tropical Fish Breeding?

Tropical Fish Breeding

This is very common that most of the fish are bred for commercial purpose or out of hobby. It is nice to breed fish but make sure you use only healthy fish and focus on the trait and color you wish to have in the young one. Also use good quality water. Make sure you have a good supply of food for fishes.

It will be very interesting to know that some fish can lay eggs in aquariums whereas there are some fishes which cannot or decline to breed in a congested of closed space. There are two kinds of breeding by fish. Either it is live bearing or egg lying by fish. Live bearing are hassle free as there are many such fish breeds that will happily spawn in aquariums even if no extra care is given to them during breeding. Some examples which can be sighted of these fishes are Molly, Guppy and Platy. These give birth to fry that are replica of adult fish but somehow these fry are very average looking and they do not have any special features.

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There egg laying fish have different ways and means of laying eggs. Out of these some act as good parents and in return build advanced nests for their eggs. To an extent they even carry them in their mouth to protect them from heavy water currents. Marine fishes release eggs which are capable of floating and use planktons as their hiding place.

There exist four types of egg layers amongst fishes. These can be named as egg scatters, substrate spanners, bubble nest builders and mouth brooders.

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Egg scatters are fish species which that live in rivers and streams and this breed of fish let the eggs float away with the water current and in return the eggs get scattered to far of areas. This is when the eggs fall down and touches the bottom which helps the fry to develop.

Substrate spanners is another type of Egg laying fish which tries and attach the eggs to some kind of substrate  and  makes very difficult for the  currents to take the eggs far of or get them destroyed. It is a very common practice by the male or female fish to make nest in the substrate and help preserve the eggs from destruction.

Bubble nest breeders is also a type where the fish creates a nest which can float to a far of distance and away from the substrate. In this the main onus of making nest lies with the male fish and he blows bubbles and stick the nest with his saliva.

Mouth brooders are either maternal mouth brooders or paternal where they try and carry eggs or the developed egg in the form of Fry in their mouths.