Tropical Fish Diseases

Tropical Fish Diseases are Really Common!

Tropical fish disease

If a fish gets the basic requirements like suitable environment, clean source of water, a modest suitable diet, peaceful and uncluttered place to survive, it would scarcely fall ill or get afflicted to diseases.

Certain checks while buying a fish becomes a prerequisite so that we get good quality fish that survives long. Prepare a checklist to find out if the fish is active and not sluggish, if they are eating, if it has any wounds or cuts, if the gills look healthy and pinkish in color etc.

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However, fishes could fall ill and I would take you through the various ailments, the cause of the ailments and the considerable actions that we can take to get rid of the disease.

Tropical fish diseases are not actually true diseases per se but these take place owing to poor water quality in the aquarium tank or existence of parasites.

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We would begin with the Tropical fish diseases caused due to Water Quality.

Ammonia poisoning – Caused due to excess organic waste’s presence. This increases the ph level beyond 7 sometimes that further cause food poisoning. This turns their gills into lilac and they become almost inert. The fish could be treated by researching the root cause, changing the water wholly and taking measures to reduce the ph level.

Carbon Dioxide poisoning – Caused due to excessive CO2 fertilization. This could make the fish restive, hard of breathing and laziness. You can change the water, increase the airing and ensure you don’t fertilize with CO2 at night ever.

Nitrate poisoning – Caused due to pollution hazards, especially organic and infrequent water changing done. This cause the fish’s colour to become intensified and they become sluggish, staying below the surface of water. You can change the water and try to understand the reason for organic pollution.

Poisoning from tap water – Again caused due to water and the harmful minerals it contain. An easy way out is testing the water and filtering before we put the fish inside positively.

Now, let’s focus on some Tropical fish diseases caused due to Diseases and Parasites.

Gas Bubble Disease – Caused due to drastic alteration in gas pressure. This is deadly for the fish which might die if not taken care of quickly. You can treat this by incorporating enough ventilation, reducing the lights and putting some antibiotic in the water.

Bacterial Fin Rot – Caused due to bacteria. This would make the fins ragged and rim may or may not be present. Treatment could be applying any proper antibiotic available and also keeping a tab on the water quality.

Dropsy – Again bacterial effect. This could damage the kidneys of the fish. Proper medicines to be provided to negate infections internally.

These are some of the Tropical fish diseases that could befall on a fish and could be avoided if you take some basic cares as mentioned above.