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Optimal Tropical Fish Temperature

The most ideal tropical fish temperature is 74F and 79 F. Some kind of research must be done on the fish, to know their ideal temperature which suits them, warmer or colder. Also the right kind of tropical fish temperature reduces the chances of the disease called Ich in your tank. If someone salted your fish, liquid treatment has to be given to the aquarium tank and ideally the tropical fish temperature should be 85,till the duration of the treatment. This kind of tropical fish temperatures kills the protozoan and keeps the environment healthy.

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Four Stripe Damsel & Starfish

All tropical fish do not require the same tropical fish temperature some like temperatures to be warm and kept at 88 F, some adjust to 70’s, so it depends on the fish that you have in the tank. If you are not sure about the temperatures then keep it at 77 F. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the temperature should be changed slowly, don’t raise or lower the temperature in a fast way, do it slowly as it reaches the right temperature.

Tropical fishes require the right kind of temperature and fish food in there tank to keep the fish healthy. An imbalance in this can damage the life of the fishes. As the name suggests tropical fishes as warm temperature, most tropical fishes blossom at the temperature 70-80 degrees. Temperatures cooler than these can dampen there resistance to fight diseases. Extremely warm temperature than this can rob them from oxygen.

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Unexpected change in temperature should be avoided. This stuns the fishes and brings down there resistance to fight diseases. If new water is added to the aquarium tank make sure it is of the same temperature.

To survive in a healthy environment, fishes not only need the right kind of food but also the right kind of temperature. Freshwater pond fishes do not require high temperature, while tropical fishes require warm water. Saltwater fish require there water to be hotter. Goldfish require the water to be at 52 TO 65 degrees. Tropical fishes such as tetras require 75 to 80 degrees. It is ideal to keep an aquarium heater inside the tank if you have saltwater or tropical fishes. Wattage and size have to be kept in mind while ordering a heater.

Set the heater to the temperatures you want your tank to maintain. To breed tropical fish a temperature should be two or three degrees higher than the recommended one. To treat them with a disease called ick-raise the temperature. If you have more than one species of fishes, keep the temperature average.