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When one needs to trace tropical reef species he just needs to see the how bright and colored are these fish. These are very colorful and pleasant to look at. They can always improve the sight of an aquarium. To name the few these are the butterfly fishes, damselfishes, Nemo fish, small and big arowanas, puffer fish, shrimpers, cabbies, massive amounts of coral, angel fish and some of the triggerfish’s.

Do you want to have a reef aquarium? Then start with a aquarium of saltwater and then add a few coral reef and turn the plain saltwater aquarium that is old into a new reef aquarium, add tropical reef fishes. After finishing this, start selecting tropical reef fish.

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Butterfly fish

Hermit Crabs

These may not be typical tropical reef fishes, but adding hermit crabs to your aquarium is good. These are very much helpful in keeping the water and also the coral in it clean. In case you will be required to add the crab to you collection just see the suitability and it’s compatibly with both the reef, and any new tropical reef fishes. There is a variety of crabs which can be added to your aquarium as Halloween Hermit Crabs and Dwarf Red Tip Hermit Crabs.

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Tropical Marine Fish

Lawnmower Blenny

This is another type of l reef fish which is good at keeping reef clean. These can be as long as five inches and are easily found in Indio-pacific. They are better at eating the algae which usually grows in the aquarium and in return keeps you aquarium clean and fit for other fish to survive.

Golden Tonga Blenny

This is a kind of Tropical reef fish which eats away the spirulina algae and marine algae. These fish has golden scales and which are loved by most of the fish admirers all over the planet. This breed of fish is herbivorous and feeds at the bed of the aquarium.

Red Sea Mimic Blenny

It is also one of the Tropical reef fish which can be placed in any type of reef aquarium around 4 inches in length and a herbivore. It is very brilliant in color scheme. It is not red in color as the name suggests. It is electric blue in color and tail with a streak of yellow on it.

Coral reefs are very fragile and endangered species found in world. All over the world due to over fishing, coastal development and inculcation of sewage fertilizer and sediment these are being rapidly being destroyed. They also become the source of cheap food for some low income communities living close to the coastal area. They are also used by some for making medicines etc. Therefore some species are listed as the endangered species. Efforts should be taken to protect these endangered species.