Ornamental and Tropical Fish

Ornamental Fish & Tropical Fish Info

Ornamental Fish

Fish keeping has become a very popular hobby in recent times. Of the many, Ornamental fish keeping is most popular. As the interest in keeping fish aquarium has tremendously increased, it has resulted in a huge growth to the Aquarium fish trade globally. The top exporting countries are Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Srilanka, Indonesia and India. And the top Importers are USA, Japan and Europe. As the market has grown over a period of time, has provided lot of job opportunities and earning potential.

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Aquarium fishes can be classified into two categories:

Oviparous which lays egg and viviparous which lays live baby fishes

Further, Ornamental fish can be broadly divided into two categories

Tropical Fish and Cold Water Fish

The Management of these two groups of fishes is different. Fishes are either hard water tolerant or soft water tolerant. There are various species of such fishes. Tropical fishes like Molly, Guppy, Platy, Swordtail, Rosy Barb, Catfish, Gold Fish, Angel etc are very popular. Some of the fishes are very easy to breed, while there are few which are rare an very difficult to the breed. They are expensive as well.

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Tetras, Rainbow and Other Tropical Fisch

Most of this exotic fishes can be easily bred because of well developed technology. It is normally suggested to start breeding those fishes which are less expensive and easy to breed, rather than trying the challenging ones.

If you want to learn breeding fishes, Mollies are good to start with. You can raise few baby fishes to start with. Mollies can be easily bred. And you can learn a lot about Fish breeding by breeding Mollies.

All Mollies are of the same species. Even if their colors and shapes are different, they are the same species. Thus any female Mollie can breed with any male. Even after having a difference in colour and shape, there are fishes which can breed with each other. All female Mollies are Mammals.  The Males are slim and the females are plump. Anal fins’ shape normally tells us the gender of the fishes. A few fishes are even livebearers like Mollies. That means they do not lay eggs as most other female fishes. Rather they release live baby fish.

You can also raise Swordtails, Guppies, or Platies. They are very easy to breed and fun to be with. They are different from the Mollies. By raising them you can learn few more tips about fish breeding. There are the different types of worms which are food for fishes. Young baby fish are normally fed on them.

To conclude, Tropical fishes can be easily bred at home. But you need to learn and understand their breeding and feeding needs along with all other information like water capacity etc.