Tropical Fish Keeping

Tropical Fish Keeping and Care

Find And Easy Way How To Do It

Keeping Tropical Fish

Tropical fish keeping, provides immense enjoyment and is a wonderful hobby which is benefited by not only you but by others also. Tropical fish keeping is easy to care, but it is important to educate yourself before buying it, without proper knowledge this hobby can turn out to be really expensive.

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You will need to know how to set up an aquarium tank; you also need to know the size of the aquarium for the amount of fish you need to keep. Also the size of the fish is also going to grow as in the case of tropical fish keeping, tropical fishes are not purchased in big size.

By reading books and some search on the internet you would come to know how much the temperature of the aquarium is to be kept to keep the fish alive and also how to test the ph levels and water hardness and any toxins.

It would also educate you of the diseases, the most common disease of Tropical fish keeping is white spot, this disease is caused by a parasite called icky or ish, this can be detected as fish in the aquarium would show white spots on the fish scales. White spot is a very common disease in tropical fishes keeping, if you notice the fish rubbing itself against a wall or plants this indicates this disease.

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It is important to treat white spots, it can also affect the others fishes in the tank. Even if one fish is affected the whole tank has to be treated.

The aquarium fish tank has to be cleaned regularly, the plants and stones in the tank are also to be cleaned, and the water has to be changed also, checking the ph levels.

To prevent the fishes from white spots, you should always quarantine new fishes for 2 days. You should always maintain adequate water and provide fish with balanced diet.

Over feeding the tropical fishes should be avoided; this pollutes the water and also harms your fish. Provide them with adequate food for them to survive. Different fish have different taste in foods, so a proper research should be done beforehand. Some are scavengers; they eat the scarps and debris from the tank, while others need a specific kind of food.

If you are a beginner, without proper research and knowledge you would be tempted with buying different kind of aquarium tanks and add the colorful fish, it could result in a disaster.

Some tips for tropical fish keeping

Tap water should be properly treated before adding it to the tank. Rapid ph changes can affect fishes; the ph of the water should be stable. Choose the fishes that fits the aquarium. Fishes need plenty of space to swim freely, the size of the aquarium and the quantity of water and its temperature can affect oxygen content and would also determine the number of fishes that you can handle, lower oxygen means the number of fishes would be less. Coldwater and marine fishes consume more oxygen as compared to their freshwater fishes.