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Many people are delighted by keeping live and colorful equatorial fishes at their home. Countless species of tropical fishes are kept at home as pets. There are several Tropical fish online stores that sell tropical fish online.

With the invention of internet, obtaining these colorful fishes is just at the click of the button. Things that you need to order Tropical fish online are an internet connection, search engine, credit card and a computer.

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Use the computer to access the internet and pull up a search engine. In the search engine put “Tropical fish online”, see the results that it has popped up with, you have to keep in mind what kind of fish that you are looking for, what is the size of the tank in which these fishes have to be kept, the tank is for freshwater fishes or saltwater fishes.

Once you have done this search now search for any fish that you have and the fishes you want. You can enter the word “compatibility” in the search page. Some of the fishes are aggressive and may kill the other fishes if mixed in one tank. Some fishes don’t survive if they are taken out from other fishes, while other is loners and may die if kept with other fishes.

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Having chosen the compatibility of the fishes now, click on the fish that you want to add to the online shopping cart.

Once you have chosen the fish you want, click “checkout”. It would lead to a secure page which asks you to enter your shipping details and credit card number. Shipping fishes can be more costly as it requires handling charges. Another thing to keep in mind is that the site is reliable as your address and credit card details are punched in, also keep in mind that the site refunds your money in case the fishes are damaged or is not alive. Make sure you get an online receipt for it. Take a printout of that and keep it safe till the fishes arrive.

Once the fish arrives safely, make sure to keep it in a safe-water filled bag. Keep the bag submerged in the aquarium tank for half an hour, this would allow the water in the tank and the water in the bag to equalize, as it prevents the fish from the shock that it might get once merged in the new environment, this would allow the fishes in the tank to get accustomed to the new fish that is coming in the aquarium tank.

Gently pour the fish from the bag to the tank, the fishes might be hungry after the trip that they had from the store to the aquarium tank so make sure to feed them properly.

Buying Tropical fish online prevents the hassle of going to the store physically also saves time, traffic. In many cases the Tropical fish online store might not store the fish of the specific brand that you are searching for. When you buy Tropical fish online you can scroll down the various options that it has and choose the one that you want.

Before buying the tropical fishes online, make sure to measure the size of the aquarium, some fishes require big aquarium, while some require small ones. Also order for food online. Each fish has a different need for food.