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How to Start A Tropical Fish Store

Tropical Fish Store

To start Tropical fish stores can be an exciting prospect. Many tropical and salt water fish lover’s dream about how to make it big in this exciting Tropical fish stores business. But the allure of teaching others this is as a hobby can be extremely rewarding. To build this business and to take Tropical fish stores business at the top can be extremely risky. The right location, the right time, business sense and marketing can build this business and take it to the top.

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To start a tropical fish store funding and start up cost have to be determined. Starting your Tropical fish stores are quite expensive. The cost of the renting space, costing of inventory, supplies, the rent of the electricity bills to run the aquarium tank can cost between$50,000 and $1, 00000, which depends on the size and locality of your store. If you do not have adequate funds, think of business loans or ask help from private investors to help you with start up costs.

The location of the store is also very important. Ideally it should be at a very high visible, well traveled, easy to locate area. It should be accessible to travelers who are just passing by that area. Before deciding the location, few tips should be kept in mind like who is the target audience. Make sure the location has ample parking space and easy accessible for the customers. As the store would be selling large tanks and bulky items, make sure the doors are large and stairs are not an issue.

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Purchasing the right kind of inventory is also very important; fish tanks, aquarium lights, racks, fish food and other items have to be purchased. Once the tank set up and water is cycled, next comes the order for fish, it has to be ordered from a good supplier. Other product required in the Tropical fish stores is aquarium and suppliers who deal with customers who require aquariums to be set at home.

Next comes the advertising and marketing. Advertise in tropical and aquarium magazines or the local newspaper, yellow pages, television. You can also issue press-releases and also have a grand opening day where you can give promotional discount coupons. To create a website of your store is a nice option, it can generate online customers, it also keeps them updated about the latest happening, events and sales happening at the store.

The store should offer a wide selection of stock and high quality fish food. The store should also give knowledge to its customers how to maintain the tanks and life of the fish ,this could generate more customers to the store.